24 February 2010

old home week

September 1981 to August 1982

23 February 2010

22 February 2010

Boppard am Rhein

I was here in the fall of 1977 -- attended the Goethe Institut -- lived in Boppard-Buchenau.

19 February 2010

"Bitte einsteigen und Türen schließen ...

Hör mal zu

... der Zug fährt in Kürze ab."

Der Zug um 7.40 Uhr
17 Hippies

17 February 2010

16 February 2010

a.k.a. Nell Shipman

Helen Foster-Barham
Victoria, British Columbia, October 25, 1892
Cabazon, California, January 23, 1970

12 February 2010

Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe, Schwarzwaldhochstraße

im Sommer, 1980, hier war ich "Gastarbeiter" (als Spüler und danach Gärtner)
[das Selbe aber mit die Garage d.h. das Personalhaus]

11 February 2010

Sissy's Valentine poem to Eddy

Virginia Eliza Clemm
August 15, 1822 - Baltimore, Maryland
January 30, 1847 - Fordham, Bronx, New York


Edgar Allan Poe
January 19, 1809 - Boston, Massachusetts
October 7, 1849 - Baltimore, Maryland

10 February 2010

08 February 2010

Lotte hat blaue Augen.

"The warlike nations do not inherit the earth; they represent the decaying human element ..."
Ralph Norman Angell
The Great Illusion, 1910

03 February 2010

23-April-2003 in Saint Paul, Minnesota

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

Howard Zinn
from 24-August-1922 in Brooklyn, New York to 27-January-2010 in Santa Monica, California

02 February 2010

"If we tear this kingdom down, tear it down ...

... let it be with a deserving and joyous sound."

Fire on Fire
from The Orchard, 2008

"May the light of our stridence still shine."

"We want punks in the palace,
'cause punks have the loveliest dreams."

Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & the Tra-la-la Band
Blind, Blind, Blind
from 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons, 2008

01 February 2010

"Omnia fert aetas, animum quoque." [Eclogue, liber nones]

"Audentes fortuna juvat."
Publius Vergilius Maro
Aeneis, liber decimus
(as sported by Molly C)