25 March 2010

"I have been reading the morning paper. I do it every morning -- well knowing that I shall find in it the usual depravities and basenesses and hypocrisies and cruelties that make up civilization ..."

from Mark Twain to William Dean Howells
in a letter dated April 6, 1899


"... the government thenceforth made the sly and treacherous betrayal of weak republics its amusement, and the stealing of their lands and the assassination of their liberties its trade. This endeared it to the monarchies and despotisms, and admitted it to their society as a World Power. It lost its self-respect, but after a little ceased to be troubled by this detail."

from The Secret History of Eddypus, the World-Empire (1901, unfinished)
by Mark Twain

24 March 2010

retro self-help

Konsten att umgås med flickor
av Walter S Keating, pseud. för Henrietta Rosenberg (1960)

23 March 2010

working on vellum

... researching the wonderful ways of writing on parchment, including pouncing and other fun mediaeval techniques.

21 March 2010

"This is a place where I don't feel alone ..."

The Cinematic Orchestra "To Build a Home" (2007)

16 March 2010

Taraxacum officinale

I knew I'd seen that somewhere before ...

11 March 2010

Joseph James Ettor, 1886-1948

Joseph Caruso, Joseph J. Ettor, and Arturo Giovannitti

"Whatever my social views are, they are what they are. They cannot be tried in this courtroom."

from Joseph Etter's closing statement at his trial, Salem, Massachusetts, November 1912

still waiting for the bread and roses, too

12-January-1912 Lawrence, Massachusetts

"It was the spirit of the workers that was dangerous. They are always marching and singing."

from A Footnote to Folly: Reminiscences of Mary Heaton Vorse, 1935.

10 March 2010

"... hope will arise ..." - an earlier age looking forward to hope

"... the civilised world will be socialised; and, looking back on what has been, we shall be astonished to think of how long we submitted to live as we live now."

-William Morris

from a lecture How We Live and How We Might Live delivered to the Hammersmith Branch of the Socialist Democratic Federation, 30-November-1884.

Later printed in Commonweal, 1887.

08 March 2010

skyping, circa 2001 (space odyssey, i.e. 1968)


"Just what do you think you are doing, Dave?"

03 March 2010

Why the humanities are dangerous:

"... [Humanities programs] show us a world beyond mere commodities and engage critically with the established order of the global economy ..."

-OccupyCA, communiqué from the occupied Humanities Building at California State Univerisity-Fullerton

02 March 2010

News from Nowhere (1890)

"Go on living while you may, striving, with whatsoever pain and labour needs must be, to build up little by little the new day of fellowship, and rest, and happiness."

-William Morris