31 March 2011

Helen Chavez, Robert Kennedy, Cesar Chavez

March 10, 1968: Cesar Chavez breaks his 25-day fast by accepting bread from Senator Robert Kennedy, Delano, California.

25 March 2011

The old 'hood in the old days.

24 March 2011

New York City, 25-March-1911 -- in memoriam

the 146 victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire:

Lizzie Adler, 24
Anna Altman, 16, union member
Annina Ardito, 25
Rose Bassino, 31
Vincenza Benanti, 22
Yetta Berger, 18
Essie Bernstein, 19, union member
Jacob Bernstein, 38
Morris Bernstein, 19, union member
Gussie Bierman, 22, union member
Vincenza Billota, 16
Abraham Binowitz, 30
Rosie Brenman, 23
Sarah Brenman, 17
Ida Brodsky, 15
Sarah Brodsky, 21
Ada Brooks, 18
Laura Brunetti, 17
Josephine Cammarata, 17 (one of the six formerly "unknown")
Francesca Caputo, 17
Josephine Carlisi, 31, union member
Albina Caruso, 20
Annie Ciminello, 36, union member
Rosina Cirrito, 18
Anna Cohen, 25, union member
Annie Colletti, 30, union member
Sarah Cooper, 16
Michelina Cordiano, 25, union member
Bessie Dashefsky, 25
Josie Del Castillo, 21
Clara Dockman, 19, union member
Kalman Donick, 24
Celia Eisenberg, 17, union member
Dora Evans, 18 (one of the six formerly "unknown"), union member
Rebecca Feibisch, 20, union member
Yetta Fichtenholtz, 18, union member
Daisy Lopez Fitze, 26
Mary Floresta, 26
Max Florin, 23 (one of the six formerly "unknown"), union member
Jenne Franco, 16
Rose Friedman, 18, union member
Diana Gerjuoy, 18, union member
Molly Gerstein, 17
Catherine Giannattasio, 22
Celia Gitlin, 17, union member
Esther Goldstein, 20, union member
Lena Goldstein, 22, union member
Mary Goldstein, 18, union member
Yetta Goldstein, 20, union member
Rosie Grasso, 16
Bertha Greb, 25
Rachel Grossman, 18, union member
Mary Herman, 40
Esther Hochfeld, 21, union member
Fannie Hollander, 18
Pauline Horowitz, 19
Ida Jukofsky, 19, union member
Ida Kanowitz, 18, union member
Tessie Kaplan, 18, union member
Beckie Kessler, 19, union member
Jacob Klein, 23, union member
Beckie Koppelman, 16
Bertha Kula, 19, union member
Tillie Kupferschmidt, 16
Benjamin Kurtz, 19, union member
Annie L'Abbate, 16
Fannie Lansner, 21
Maria Giuseppa Lauletti, 33 (one of the six formerly "unknown")
Jennie Lederman, 21
Max Lehrer, 18
Sam Lehrer, 19
Kate Leone, 14
Mary Leventhal, 22
Jennie Levin, 19
Pauline Levine, 19, union member
Nettie Liebowitz, 23
Rose Liermark, 19, union member
Bettina Maiale, 18
Frances Maiale, 21
Catherine Maltese, 39
Lucia Maltese, 20
Rosaria Maltese, 14
Maria Manaria, 27
Rose Mankofsky, 22, union member
Rose Mehl, 15
Yetta Meyers, 19, union member
Gaetana Midolo, 16
Annie Miller, 16, union member
Beckie Neubauer, 19
Annie Nicholas, 18, union member
Michelina Nicolosi, 21
Sadie Nussbaum, 18
Julia Oberstein, 19
Rose Oringer, 19, union member
Beckie Ostrovsky, 20
Annie Pack, 18, union member
Provindenza Panno, 43
Antonietta Pasqualicchio, 16
Ida Pearl, 20, union member
Jennie Pildescu, 18
Vincenza Pinelli, 30
Emilia Prato, 21
Concetta Prestifilippo, 22 (one of the six formerly "unknown")
Beckie Reines, 18, union member
Louis Rosen (Loeb), 33
Fannie Rosen, 21 (one of the six formerly "unknown")
Israel Rosen, 17, union member
Julia Rosen, 35, union member
Yetta Rosenbaum, 22, union member
Jennie Rosenberg, 21
Gussie Rosenfeld, 22
Nettie Rosenthal, 21
Emma Rothstein, 22, union member
Theodore Rotner, 22
Sarah Sabasowitz, 17
Santina Salemi, 24
Sarafina Saracino, 25
Teresina Saracino, 20
Gussie Schiffman, 18
Theresa Schmidt, 32
Ethel Schneider, 20
Violet Schochet, 21, union member
Golda Schpunt, 19
Margaret Schwartz, 24
Jacob Seltzer, 33
Rosie Shapiro, 17
Ben Sklover, 25, union member
Rose Sorkin, 18, union member
Annie Starr, 30, union member
Jennie Stein, 18, union member
Jennie Stellino, 16
Jennie Stiglitz, 22
Sam Taback, 20, union member
Clotilde Terranova, 22
Isabella Tortorelli, 17
Meyer Utal, 23
Catherine Uzzo, 22
Frieda Velakofsky, 20, union member
Bessie Viviano, 15
Rosie Weiner, 20, union member
Sarah Weintraub, 17, union member
Tessie Weisner, 21
Dora Welfowitz, 21, union member
Bertha Wendorff, 18
Joseph Wilson, 22
Sonia Wisotsky, 17

"We Mourn Our Loss"

Demonstration of protest and mourning for Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of March 25, 1911, By an unknown photographer, New York City, New York, April 5, 1911; General Records of the Department of Labor; Record Group 174; National Archives.

23 March 2011

"Madness takes its toll ..."

Σοφίᾳ γὰρ ἔκ του
κλεινὸν ἔπος πέφανται,
τὸ κακὸν δοκεῖν ποτ' ἐσθλὸν
τῷδ' ἔμμεν, ὅτῳ φρένας
θεὸς ἄγει πρὸς ἄταν˙
πράσσει δ' ὀλιγοστὸν χρόνον ἐκτὸς ἄτας.


For with wisdom did someone once reveal the maxim, now famous, that evil at one time or another seems good, to him whose mind a god leads to ruin. But for the briefest moment such a man fares free of destruction.

trans. Sir Richard Jebb (1891)

... thought is life
And strength and breath,
And the want
of thought is death ...

William Blake
The Fly
from Songs of Experience

18 March 2011

Frances Brawne (9 August 1800 – 4 December 1865)

Keats to Brawne, March 1820

"I never felt my Mind repose upon anything with complete and undistracted enjoyment - upon no person but you. When you are in the room my thoughts never fly out of window: you always concentrate my whole senses. "

Keats to Brawne, August 1820

"To be happy with you seems such an impossibility! It requires a luckier Star than mine! It will never be."

17 March 2011


"... the train pulls out of Kankakee ... through the Mississippi darkness rollin' down to the sea ... "

16 March 2011

... Mother Nature on the run ...

"Ra-di-a-tion. Yes, indeed. You hear the most outrageous lies about it. Half-baked goggle-box do-gooders telling everybody it's bad for you. Pernicious nonsense."

J. Frank Parnell in Repo Man

(dir. Alex Cox, 1984)

15 March 2011

Tout le pouvoir aux communes!

À force, on a compris ceci : ce n’est pas l’économie qui est en crise, c’est l’économie qui est la crise ...


Il n’y a pas de «catastrophe environnementale». Il y a cette catastrophe qu’est l’environnement.


La catastrophe n’est pas ce qui vient, mais ce qui est là. Nous nous situons d’ores et déjà dans le mouvement d’effondrement d’une civilisation.

comité invisible


Thea Paneth, rank-and-file Clam

October 1979

14 March 2011

11 March 2011

Bruno Schulz (1892-1942)

"... in this sobriety there is a shade of helplessness, a silent capitulation before the vastness of the transcendental, for no word, no allusion, can adequately suggest the shiver of fear the presentiment of a thing without name that exceeds all our capacity for wonder."

Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass

"... i jest w tej abstynencji i ograniczeniu bezradne westchnienie, cicha kapitulacja przed nieobjętnością transcendentu, gdyż żadne słowo, żadna aluzja nie potrafi zalśnić, zapachnieć, spłynąć tym dreszczem przestrachu, przeczuciem tej rzeczy bez nazwy, której sam pierwszy posmak na końcu języka przekracza pojemność naszego zachwytu."

Sanatorium Pod Klepsydrą
Bruno Schulz
Data urodzenia: 12 lipca 1892, Drohobyczu.
Data śmierci: 19 listopada 1942, Drohobyczu.

10 March 2011

06 March 2011

He cogitated, ...

... therefore he was.

Evelyn Waugh
The Balance

02 March 2011

... sing another song ...

"... This one has grown old and bitter."