02 December 2009

it's just this little cromium switch here ...

much ado about Proctor, Austin, Bergman, and Ossman ... Firesigns all.
Oh, Blinding Light!

Oh Blinding Light! Oh Light That Blinds!
I cannot, cannot see.
The Sun's behind the Moon's bright shine.
Who will look out for me?
Look out! Look out that space-hole tube
To see the Eye of God.
You know for sure He's watching you,
His only Lonely Child.
as performed at the 1972 National Surrealists Light Peoples Party Convention by The New 60s Space Choraleers (featuring Annalee and Tiny, The Firebelles)
"Just because the war might be over doesn't mean we have to stop."
-General DC Blame of the Veterans Tapdance Administration, "a wise guy ... um, rule! ... to be guided by."
Not insane?

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