19 July 2011

"The Call of the West", or "Neoliberalism"

"Alright men, search America and look under the beds!"

The Goon Show, Series 9, Episode 12, first broadcast January 20, 1959

"Demands for universal health care, the right to organize unions, or any other reforms that would improve the lot of the working majority are simply not, as the pundits put it, on the table. Neoliberalism, at its heart, is class war from above waged under the guise of rational, technocratic management of an economy that must – as neoliberals claim – be shielded from the corrosive influences of democratic politics. But if inequality and social injustice is to be reversed, we need more politicization, more class conflict, not less, but the broken machinery of the liberal democratic state cannot accomodate such a development."

from Neoliberalism, Austerity, and the Global Crisis of Legitimacy
by Chris Maisano
in The Activist

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