14 September 2011

... And so they sing one thing and mean another. ...

... to make our Angelinia a free and peaceful land again ...


And you sang, "Sail to me
Sail to me, let me enfold you"
Here I am, here I am
Waiting to hold you.

Tim Buckley and Larry Beckett
Song to the Siren

[covered by
This Mortal Coil


A blue muscle from the moon
pulls our ship toward a sheaf of rock
where they lie. They are as naked
as scissors and sing with the same
promise of release. Their red songs
rise around us like flamingos. ...

Mekeel McBride
from Odysseus and the Sirens


Miroslava Safránková

Malá mořská víla
(1976, dir Kachyna)

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