16 May 2011

Rose Schneiderman
ca 1910s


"The idea that you might end up in a job that doesn’t allow you to be who you are, over the course of a lifetime, is still one of the most chilling nightmares to me. It’s a good metaphor for fears I have about losing my soul in some almost accidental, mundane way. So, to me, these jobs that my characters have are very loaded, they immediately suggest a complex character to me, a woman who is, say, a secretary, but also a vigilante on behalf of her own soul."

Miranda July, the dreamer

from an interview in VenusZine by Leah DeVun
December 2007


"... I always feel like I’m going to make the wrong decision and regret it forever, but really, that’s not what life’s like. Things usually make sense in time, and even bad decisions have their own kind of correctness."

Miranda July
from an interview by Rachel Kushner
BOMB 92/Summer 2005

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